Our Firm

Choosing an InvestmentPlanning Professional is vital to establishing and addressing your financial objectives.  We specialize in analyzing our clients` financial situations and helping them define their financial goals and objectives.  We then help you develop a specific plan of action, assist you in implementing that plan, and monitor the plan over time to keep up with changes that will occur as you move closer toward your financial objectives.


For Individuals

Dasher & Padgett Financial Advisors, Inc. offers access to a variety of services for individuals to help pursue their objectives, including Financial Planning, Stocks*, Bonds*, Mutual Funds* and other Investments, Insurance, Investment Management, IRA Rollover Services, Estate Planning and Tax Reduction Strategies.

We work closely with clients to determine their needs, goals, risk tolerance and financial situation before recommending suitable strategies and actions.

*Financial Planning is offered through LPL Financial, A registered investment advisor.


For Businesses/Business Owners

Dasher & Padgett Financial Advisors, Inc. provides tax planning strategies, retirement plan services and investment counseling services to small businesses, corporations and other commercial and non-profit institutions.

Our firm works closely with the business owner and the owner`s existing advisors, including accountants, attorneys and pension administrators, to help you work towards your overall financial objectives.